Job Market Comparison: New York vs. California

Deciding to move somewhere to start a new career is never easy, especially if you don’t know what to expect. A lot of people have dreams of moving to New York of California in search of their dream job and better opportunities. However, before doing so it’s important to think about what their job markets can offer.


Which Job Market is Better, New York or California?


  • You Could Earn More in New York - There’s no denying that wages vary throughout the US, with the same jobs paying more in some places than others. You are likely to earn more in New York than in California, which is something that sways a lot of people. The job market in New York boasts impressive salaries, but it’s important to remember that rent and the cost of living are higher than they are in California. Though you may be earning more, you will also be paying more.


  • California Job Growth Has Been Higher in Recent Years - Both New York and California have experienced impressive job growth over the last 10 years, much higher than those of other states. The overall job market throughout the entire US has increased by 7.3% since 2009, but New York City and Los Angeles have seen their job markets increase by 9.4% and 12.7% respectively. This shows that the Los Angeles job market has actually grown considerably more than that of New York City.


  • New York Could Have More Opportunities - Depending on the industry being focused on, it’s possible to argue that New York has more employment opportunities than California. A lot of national and international companies choose to base themselves in New York City, as it’s one of the world’s top cities for business and finance. This means networking and developing a long term career is a possibility for many.


  • California Has Less Unemployment than New York - Unemployment can be found everywhere throughout the US, but New York City currently has 0.5% more unemployment than Los Angeles. Though this is only a small difference, it’s worth noting as there’s likely to be more people competing for each position.